Premises Licence

What is a premises licence?

A premises licence is granted to a building, vehicle or open space. The licence enables one or more licensable activities to be conducted on the premises. Licensable activities are:

  • The retail sale of alcohol
  • The supply of alcohol by a members club to club members or club members’ guests.
  • The provision of regulated entertainment
  • The provision of late-night refreshment

Is this the correct licence for me?

With regards to alcohol, there are only two forms of licence: the personal licence applies to individuals, while the premises licence applies to a building, vehicle or open space. A temporary premises licence also exists, known as a Temporary Events Notice. All other old forms of alcohol licences were abolished under the Licensing Act 2003.

Applying for a premises licence

A premises licence application is made to the licensing authority (licensing board in Scotland) local to the premise. More information can be found in the premises licence application page.

Changing an existing premises licence

All kinds of major or minor variations can be made to an existing premises licence, including a transfer of named licence holder or DPS. More information can be found in the premises licence services page.

How we can help

Our expert licensing team can assist with all types of licence applications. Since the introduction of the new licensing Act we have helped licence hundreds of pubs, restaurants, post offices, supermarkets, night clubs, cafes, corner shops, online retailers, event companies, hotels and bed & Breakfast venues. We can assist with planning issues, change of use, extended hours, revoked licenses, new applications and any training requirements your project may need

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