APLH Exam Answers

APLH Exam Answers

Listed below are the answers to our online pdf mock examination for the level 2 award for personal licence holders. If you confidently pass our 50 question test then you are ready to book your training course or sit your APLH exam.


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N0 Ans Question
1 C When selling alcohol with a personal licence, which other licence is required:
2 B Which of the following premises cannot be licensed under the 2003 Licensing Act:
3 D What is the minimum age at which a person can apply for a Personal Licence:
4 D Under the Licensing Act 2003 it is an offence to serve alcohol to a person who is:
5 D The Licensing Act 2003 states that alcohol is a drink with an ABV (Alcohol by Volume) strength of above:
6 D When renewing a Personal Licence, how long is it valid for:
7 C Which one of the following is defined as an unauthorized licensing activity:
8 B Who must publish a Statement of Licensing Policy:
9 A Who must be notified if a Personal Licence holder is charged with a relevant offence:
10 D What rank of Police officer can make an immediate closure order for up to 24 hours for public disorder at licensed premises:
11 D When is the sale of alcohol permitted from a vehicle:
12 C What is the maximum number of people who may attend a temporary event at any one time:
13 C Which of the following is not a licensing objective:
14 B As a general guide, the body breaks down alcohol at the rate of:
15 C Who can object to a particular person being specified as the Designated Premises Supervisor:
16 C Over how many years should a Licensing Authority review their Statement of Licensing Policy:
17 B For which one of the following offences could a personal licence holder use the defence of Due Diligence in a court of law:
18 A When appealing against the refusal to grant a personal licence, the appeal hearing would firstly be heard by:
19 C If duty has not been paid on goods in your licensed premises, who has the power to seize the goods:
20 D At what age can an unaccompanied child enter and remain on licensed premises:
21 C The initial grant of a personal licence is valid for:
22 C Premises which are authorized for the retail sale of alcohol must have:
23 C What is the maximum penalty a court can impose on a personal licence holder who is convicted of unauthorized licensing activities:
24 A How many temporary event notices can a Personal licence holder give each year:
25 B What is the maximum duration of a temporary event notice:
26 A Failure to notify the Licensing Authority of change of name or home address will result in a fine of up to:
27 B What must an operating schedule include:
28 D When may a Police Officer enter a Licensed premises:
29 D Which one of the following is classed as regulated entertainment:
30 D Who can make an objection to the grant of a Personal Licence:
31 C If convicted by a Magistrates Court, for how long can a Personal Licence holder have his personal licence revoked:
32 A How many temporary events can be held at one premises in one calendar year:
33 B Which one of the following organizations can grant a premises licence:
34 C The reason why alcohol should be promoted responsibly is:
35 D How many members are there on a licensing sub-committee:
36 B At what age can a young person consume alcohol with a table meal:
37 D Which one of the following is the best form of identification to use for a proof of age:
38 A When demanding production of a Personal Licence, authorized persons must:
39 C What is the recommended safe daily intake of alcohol for women:
40 C Keeping premises open during a Closure Order will result in a fine of:
41 D what is meant by the retail sale of alcohol:
42 C The Licensing Authority must promote which of the following:
43 D Who might be charged with an offence of allowing disorderly conduct to continue on licensed premises:
44 B The term ‘licensable activity’ includes which of the following:
45 B How many days before a temporary event is due to take place, should the temporary event notice be applied for:
46 B Under the anti-social behavior Act 2003, a closure order can be issued by:
47 C A wholesale sale of alcohol from trader to trader requires:
48 A when applying for a renewal of a personal licence, the application should be accompanied by the:
49 C When applying for a renewal of a personal licence, the application should be accompanied by the:
50 D Pubwatch and Retailwatch schemes are partnerships working between which of the following:


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